Customer Comments

It is an excellent service - My son is at Bedford prison on remand and myself and my other two sons send him e mail every day or sometime every other day. this has kept him very strong and deal with the situation in prison because he is there for the first time. only parents and young kids feel the pain one your loved ones are sent to prison. this e-mail system has done wonders for us as family. 

The staff must be great because he has received over 40 e-mail in the past 40 days. none has gone missing. all credit to Bedford prison.

SH - Bedfordshire


This is an excellent service, user friendly and no doubt particularly helpful for those families of prisoners who are on a tight budget. An e-mail is half the price of a stamp, no need for paper, pen, envelope and can be accessed through any kind of digital device. On behalf of the families of prisoners all over the UK..........THANK YOU!

SH - Rotherham

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for this service.  It really does make things a lot easier.  We are in Devon and our son is in HMP Barlinnie Glasgow.  It is a minimum of  a two day journey to visit him and while he can phone us and we can write ye olde fashioned letters to him, in these days of near instant communications letters are just too slow.

It is lovely to be able to send a note whenever we feel like it, knowing that in most cases he will receive it the next morning.  Also, since you implemented the reply service at Barlinnie he can send a note to us whenever he wishes (I have made sure he has a stock of reply forms). This means he can initiate a communication to arrive to us much quicker than letter and more reliably than a phone call - as we may be unable to take a call due to being out or at work.

The authorities forget that it is not the families that are being punished.  Anything that makes communication with loved ones in prison easier and quicker makes their sentence more bearable for us.

Thank you once again

Name with held - Devon 

Digital Award! So pleased... well deserved... just need the govt to let us use you to send money to state prisons now, only thing could make it better. 

I have used your system for about 4 years, while stepson has been in 'Strangeways' 'Risley' and now 'Wymott' the service is TOP and the price even better -- saves us stationery trips to post office, we are both 70's and pensioners, while sending my last email I noticed the 'return system' and if I tick box stepson can send email reply, he posted his reply Friday morning we received reply at 11.24 Saturday morning 'Fantastic' your service has helped the Family cope --- so finally a BIG THANK YOU.        BR - Manchester 

I would just like to say than you to the creator and founder of such an amazing website.  I cannot explain enough how this is helping myself and mostly my partner.  Its a fantastic idea and I would encourage everyone to use it to stay in touch with a loved one.  My partner says continuously how it is making his life and time better inside.  I know that whatever I do the day before and I wirte about it to him  it will reach him the next day.  Somtimes I write it from my mobile and I feel like I am texting him.  Thank you once again this is amazing.


 Email a prisoner is a wonderful and necessary service for prisoners and their family, friends and other agencies.

 It provides contact, maintains and rebuilds relationships and provides an information system which is quick and confidential.

As a friend, I was able to reach out to my convicted friend and to "keep him going" with news, advice, encouragement.  I wrote standard letters but I also was able to cut and paste his favourite song lyrics and poems.  I also sent educational research information from the internet.  The word and line allowance is restictive and held me back, so often had to send several emails if a poem or piece of info was longer than the word/line allowance.  The cost of an email is good and I wouldn't mind paying extra for a higher word allowance.  Prisoners I believe have an even shorter allowance and that can be very frustrating.

The biggest benifit of email a prisoner, to us, has been while I was travelling last year, I contacted my friend from Spain, France, Germany, Texas and Morocco.  He was able to have consistent and vital contact without a hitch.  Anytime I have struggled with the payment or the email service, I have received fantastic customer service and my issues have been resolved immediately in a helpful and supportive manner, either by phone of email.  I wish other companies were of the same quality.

Now that my friend is in Barlinnie he has no access to email a reply or to receive payments.  I miss this and he is frustrated and has to rely on buying stamps or phone calls and this is costly, contact now is infrequent and this sentence compared to Kilmarnock is now much harder as a direct result of the lacing email system.  I cannot affored postal orders.  He cannot afford to reply and for families this must be an added strain.  A daily email with news and chat helps familis survive and feel close, particularyly parents and children, who can send goodnights and goodmornings to each other.  Those outside the penal system should imagine not being able to say these words to their loved ones to realise the importance of email a prisoner.

I will end with a huge thank you for this absolutely wonderful service, we are grateful it was set up and hope to see it continue and develop to a point where every prison has the full service and additional services like "Face Time" would be amazing.

Keep up the good work, keeping prisoners emotionally connected to their loved ones and support networks ensures a calmer, constructive and more enthusiastic prison population and impacts on recidivism.                   LM Ayreshire

I find both emailaprisoner and the secure payment service fantastic. I mainly use the email system and at HMP Kilmarnock my partner was able to reply which was a great way of keeping in contact. More Scottish prisons should have the reply service as it promotes family contact and also gives longer serving prisoners an insight into modern technology! CS Glasgow

I found this service fantastic as we could correspond with each other very easily and quickly and Kilmarnock had the reply service which helped me hugely as i suffer from depression and we could email each other back and forward and it was more private that speaking on a phone. 

He has now move to Addiewell and not having the reply service there has put a huge strain on us emotionally and they don’t receive the emails as quickly there as he did in Kilmarnock, I pray that the reply service becomes available in Addiewell. GB Ayrshire

I found this service easy quick and efficient to you.  It allowed me to get messages to my son on a daily basis providing him with some communication at a very reasonable cost, the reply facility for prisoners was always useful if he phone was busy and he wanted to ask me a quick question.  All in all great service I never had any issues when using it. RM Glasgow

Again another great idea, it is a fantastic and lovely way for my children to keep in contact with their father. It saves all the unnecessary anticipation waiting for the postman with your next letter. :) KH Greater Manchester

I would just like to say thank you for providing such an amazing service, my husband went to prison last week and I missed his reception phone call, that night I found your service emailed him and he received it the next morning. He was absolutely delighted to hear from me and know I was OK. It's such a good service I have used it everyday and its so good to be able to keep in contact with my husband being able to pass information on quickly without waiting for the post. He also loves receiving these messages everyday too!!  Many thanks      LW Bedfordshire

I have been using the email a prisoner service daily now for about 4 weeks, hopefull I will only have to use it for another 8 weeks.  This is just a quick email to say Thank You!  Thank you for the work that you do, and the service you provide, I know that my partner would have been at a real low point mentally without my emails and I know without a doubt that I would have to.  The service you provide is invaluable, and the work you have put into get where you are is hugely appreciated. 

From the bottom of my heart, I offer you my sincerest thanks.

C. D.W.

I just wanted to say how mcuh I have appreciated your service.  My son has been in prison for three months and is to be realeased tomorrow, on a tag for a further three months, but home again.  Your service is wonderful an I can not thank you enough becuase this situation devestated his father, brother and me.  I discovered your service the day he was sentenced, when i was at my lowest point.  Knowing i could keep that contact with him so easily has helped in a way i struggle to put into words. I just wanted to express my thanks for being there.

Name withheld