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I have been using your service for sometime and have to say how it helps both prisoners and families alike, I live abroad have a son in prison and cannot visit due to circumstances here, as I am a  full time carer, anyway without your service I would feel cut off. Your service has given me a contact which is better than writing a letter I feel more in touch with my son just wish they had a reply service where he is. But to me your site helps hold me together as without it I would be even sadder and whoever set this all up deserves recognition as not all inmates are bad people and hopefully using this site keeps families together more it certainly helps me a great deal so well done and big heart felt thanks.   Name Withheld
Just a short message to thank you once again for this excellent service. Having experienced prison myself In the late 1980’s - early 1990’s (the “dark days” when contact with family was very limited), I can tell you that the service you provide Is welcomed by many prisoners & their families. Our friend, with whom we are In regular contact thanks to you, has given us plenty of positive feedback, not Just from a personal point of view but also from fellow Inmates who have all spoken very highly of this service. In particular, the many partners of those In prison who are struggling to cope with several young children, find this service a great help - sending a letter via-the ordinary mail Is not so easy when you have to get all the kids ready for a trip to the shops for paper, pen, envelopes and stamps, not to mention the costs Incurred (especially stamps - outrageous!).

I wish you every success for the future and thank you once again for giving so many people an Inexpensive, practical and very welcomed service. Long may you continue!
   Name Withheld
Just had to let you know that you're doing a wonderful job with this service, and you're making a difference to the lives of a lot of people through it.

It's the easiest, simplest and cheapest way to keep in touch, and I love it!

I also love the way you're constantly updating the website, making it easier and easier to use, and adding new services.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! And keep up the good work  
Name Withheld
I have been using this service for a couple of months now and just want to  thank you all for a fabulous service, one that means so much, I do not drive so it is hard to get to see the other half, and this really is a true godsend for me and also for him. It also means I do not have to trapse out to find a post box and knowing he gets his messages daily  gives both of us some comfort in these dark times . I also  have to  thank the Dartmoor team for there input in getting messages to loved ones. The reply service is good to enable him to write to other family members  which I can pass on and at the start I used the photos service too which was great for giving him a bit of ‘normality’ .  am sure I will be using this again very soon, as just simple things like a picture  of the bluebells out he enjoyed seeing. So thanks to all and both ends of the email a prisoner  service without you life would be much harder.   Name Withheld Devon UK
I would just like to say thank you for the service you provide for prisoners and their loved ones. My partner has been at hmp notts since end of December and is due home in 8 days (and counting) although such a short time compared to many others, its the longest we've been apart in 7 years. I've personally been OK until my first visit only last week and first time I've visited a prison in my life. Whilst the numpty seems extremely well, the day after I broke completely and not been right since. Letters have come and gone via snail mail and only Sunday did he manage to get through on the phone in all these weeks. Its been a painfully long, tearful and dismal time and this last week I'm dreading, for it seems time has now stopped. 

Letters have been massively important but as I said slow. Again it was only at the weekend I found out about the email a prisoner service. I can't begin to tell you how much of a godsend I've found it to be. To just be able to instantly send a few lines or even just 3 words when they have to be said and heard (although Mr don't do technology) I've personally found hugely helpful and its been the main factor the last few days in dragging me back up and getting some kind of composure of myself and Mr's spirits are lifted too. I don't know how folk cope over long term sentences but one thing I do know is how important and beneficial this service is. I really don't know how to say thank you but to all who make it happen, well done and keep up the fantastic work because it is a massive support. 

Sorry to bang on but I thought the least I could do was send some feedback, hmp notts shall no doubt be happy when my mail stops too hahaha.

Thank you again, your services are much appreciated.   Anonymous
This is a fantastic service that provides a wonderful way to communicate with your loved one. Be it random thoughts, important information, or even song lyrics that pop into your head you can quickly type them out and send them on. I e-mail my girl more or less every day.   Anonymous
It's made this horrible journey so much easier to cope with.   Anonymous
This is a wonderful life line, I've found it invaluable. I would also like to commend the staff who have responded very quickly if I have had any queries or problems. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone and frequently do.   Anonymous
Fabulous service, never had a single problem with it and would be over the moon if it became a two way service x   Anonymous
Wonderful to be able to email whenever I want to. Very cheap, great promos at Christmas (thank you)My son loves his emails, you are brilliant!! Customer service is second to none also....... I have recommended you to family and friends.   Anonymous
Excellent service, easy to use and emails always arrive quickly will be even better when it's two way. Would definitely recommend
The service has been a real lifeline for us. I can quickly and easily keep my partner up to date with home life and he really looks forward to his daily message.   Anonymous
Writing a quick email before bed each night really helps me to feel closer to my partner at such a lonely time.   Anonymous
It's an excellent service and a godsend. I send OH at least one email a day. Thank you EMAP.   Anonymous
It’s great to be able to send messages throughout the day from my phone it helps keep my girlfriend in touch with what's going on in the outside world, thanks EMAP   Anonymous
It's been a real Godsend to me, being able to send messages & keep in touch every week. 
The staff response to any of my queries has been fast & helpful.   Anonymous
I really appreciate this great service & the Christmas bonus has always been useful.
EMAP has definitely made the traumas & stress a bit more bearable, has helped me keep my sanity.   Anonymous
I remember the time before we could use this service, & life felt certainly more empty, more of a struggle, being reliant on just the slower Royal Mail (& of course the brief telephone calls). 
Any important communication can now be sent faster, with me knowing it has arrived at the prison. 
There have only been a few times when the message has been late getting to the prisoner, due to the fault of the prison.   Anonymous
If the Mail have problems, I know I have this alternative messaging service to use, which puts my mind at rest & my prisoner's. 
Hoping one day that it becomes a two way service. My prisoner appreciates receiving my messages to help keep in touch with the outside world.
Grateful thanks to everyone who run EMAP, a diamond service!   Anonymous
Excellent service providing a quick and easy way to keep your loved ones up to date. Easy to sign up and use and queries are dealt with promptly.   Anonymous
Lovely and quick in arriving, safe and secure and the £10 free offer was a life saver!! Nice and cheap too   Anonymous
This is a fantastic site and as a double bonus it’s cheaper than snail mail even second class. i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service can’t think of even one negative thing about it   Anonymous
This service has been a lifeline to me throughout this journey.
I have never experienced any problems at all, and I know my other half generally gets the mail pretty swiftly.
It’s a wonderful service to those on the inside and their loved ones on the outside too.
With many thanks   Anonymous
Service is great, I'm not the world’s best letter writer but don't mind tapping away on a keyboard.
Good also keeping track of it as letters I posted have mysteriously not been delivered.
Must also add that when I discovered Email A Prisoner I had an urgent message to pass on and for some reason my card wasn't accepted, the message was passed on anyway until I could send a cheque to credit my account.
It has helped us stay in touch and writing a little message down has got me through the worst of days especially at Christmas and New Year when the post would not have been reliable.
So a big thanks from me.   Anonymous
I sent a quick email at 1am last night... prisoner received it this morning sometime. Good result! The fastest time we've ever experienced, well done EMAP!   Anonymous
I just want to say thank you for the excellent service you provide.  It has been such a help for us to know that our messages were getting through to our lad quickly, efficiently and with so little hassle.  It has made a lot of difference to us in dealing with a stressful situation.
I live in Guernsey and due to the distance and expence was unable to visit my brother in prison. Email a prisoner is quick and easy and has been a god send. It has helped both me and my brother through an extremely tough time by eradicating distance. It has made me feel less helpless and given my brother something to look forward to aswell providing him with comfort and support from loved ones. I even used it frequently while on holiday in New Zealand. It works, spread the word. Fantastic!!!     
This is a hearty thank you for the services you are offering to incarcerated persons at the various correctional institution, we are a family that are extremely grateful for this service whereby we can email our loved one daily ( and trust me we are doing just that) we are a poor family from Trinidad in the west indies and have a family member serving time at the wormwood scrubs, and we feel almost next to him by knowing that he can hear from us everyday for such a minimal cost, because of the comfort this system brings to all of us, even after he is release we intend to keep an account so he can continue to communicate with friends he would have made there. We live in a country where such a service is not available so we Intend to lobby the powers that be to institute such a service, because it can do a lot to reform persons. we also intend to keep in touch with your company and will welcome the day when a prisoner can also send an email, so god bless from Trinidad and Tobago.   Anonymous
Hi there,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the service you provide, my son was released on thursday so no more e-mails! yaay, your service made sure that for the two years he was in prison both myself and his brothers and sister have been able to include him in our  day to day life, when he was released he was relaxed and happy and was up to date with all the family stuff that i would probably have been forgotten to put in letters. The difference it made just being able to send off an e-mail if something silly happened was huge and kept his morale up and although we obviously missed actually being able to see him, his brothers and sis have found it a lot easier to cope with because they knew they could send him an e-mail and he would be reading it the next day.
So please keep on doing what you do, and many thanks from myself and my family, i dont know what we would have done without you.   Anonymous 

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!Your staff are always so patient & helpful with my I.T.problems . As a beginner there are lots of them!!Keeping in touch is very important & anything that makes this easier is welcome indeed.Kindness makes a huge difference to one's day.Thank you is inadequate. I only hope my son is not moved somewhere without the facility.   Jean

You Gave me some assistance a time back in getting US funds into your accounts, so I could write to a friend in a UK Prison.  Happily, he is now released on parole, you folks do Great Work and I can't thank you enough for the role you played in keeping a few friends and family in touch with our dear friend in prison.
I'm sure it played a strong role in his morale and helped him stay grounded.   Anonymous
I have been using Email a Prisoner since it started and must say that it is a great service and I have never had any problems.  I also use the SMS service as well, which is fab if I want to say just a few words. Thanks for a great service and great value for money.
A thankful mum