Latest News 01/06/16 -

HMP Hollesley Bay will be facilitating the email a prisoner service, as from Sunday the 5th June 2016

24/05/16 -

Bank Holiday

Please be aware that due to the bank holiday there may be delays delivering emails to recipients. All emails will be delivered when officers are back into work on Tuesday 31st May 2016.  Thank you

04/05/16 -

HMP Castle Huntly    HMP Dartmoor    HMP/YOI East Sutton Park    HMP Edinburgh    HMP Glenochil    HMP Grendon    HMP Lincoln     HMP Ranby    HMP Spring Hill    HMP Stafford  

Reply Service is now live in the above establishments.

04/04/16 -

Reply Service will be live on 17th July 2016 - HMP/YOI Lancaster Farms

16/12/15 -

Excellent Guardian article on Thameside prison Like all private prisons they use our prisoner self service.

15/10/15 -

HMP Liverpool will not be facilitating the reply service. If you have any questions regarding this please contact HMP Liverpool direct.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

02/02/15 -

HMP Kilmarnock is the first prison in the UK to run a completely electronic service with secure messages and responses via touch screen kiosks.  All messages are paid for by the sender and so there is no cost to the taxpayer.  “Enhanced contact with friends and family is known to improve the chances of a prisoners’ rehabilitation and these steps will go a long way to improving their prospects” said Derek Jones, the founder of PTS.

14/01/15 -

We are checking  the formats of NOMS numbers, if the system asks you to check the number please clarify this with your recipient.  Thank you.

Welcome to Emailaprisoner

Email a Prisoner has the following goals:    

To help family & friends communicate easily and frequently with prisoners.  

To reduce thoughts of self-harm/suicide through increased communication.   

To assist prisoners in preparation for release with multiple partner agencies. 

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Communication is a major factor in prison life and the lack of it can have horrendous consequences. Email a Prisoner offers a quick, efficient, secure alternative method of communication for prisoners their families, friends, legal professionals and related organisations -  meaning prisoners can receive more frequent and varied communication. Documentation continually states prisoners who are able to maintain family ties are 6 times less likely to re-offend.

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